M45 – Pleiades 15mpx Image

I finally got round to creating my first mosaic, and no better target than M45 Pleiades Cluster.  Since my Field of View on the 8″ Quattro would not allow me to get the whole cluster in, I opted to do two images and use a tool called Image Composite Editor to stick together the two mosaic panels.

The Pleiades cluster is also referred to as the Seven Sisters and it located in the constellation Taurus.

The Image consists of
14x300S LRGB for Pane 1 and 2, so in total 9.3 Hours worth of exposure time

25 Darks and 25 Flats

Equipment Used:
Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ8 Pro
Imaging Scope: Sky-Watcher Quattro 8-CF @ F4
Imaging Camera: Atik Cameras 383L+ Cooled to -20C
Filterwheel: Starlight Xpress Ltd 7x36mm EFW
Filters: Baader Planetarium 36mm unmounted LRGB
Guide Scope: Celestron Telescopes C80ED
Guide Camera: Qhyccd QHY5L-II

Software Used:
Image Acquisition: Main Sequence Software Sequence Generator Pro
Pre-Processing / Stacking: Maxim-DL
Post Processing: Photoshop CS5 and Noise Ninja

You can see on the left of the image that there is a feint blue dount, this is common with reflectors with extremely bright stars and is probably caused by 25 Tau/Alcyone Star which has an absolute magnitude of -2.61 or a regular magnitude of 2.85 which makes it the brightest star in the M45 cluster

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