My Observatory

For those people who are looking to have a more permanent setup for their equipment an observatory is more likely to be on the cards, when I lived in Ireland I had my NEQ6 Pro on a steel pier covered by a special cover to protect it from the elements, when I moved back to the UK I had the perfect opportunity to build an observatory to protect the equipment and not have to keep remounting the camera and scopes for imaging, this is what my setup looked like in Ireland:


When I originally moved back to the UK I had the observatory located on a familly farm where I built a “Bat Wing” style observatory, this took shape by digging a 3ft hole for the pier


Then building the base around the Pier Concrete:


Then constructing the double skin walls around the base:


Once the base and sides were constructed, the per was put into place


And the final result was this:


Since I built this observatory, I have now built another one at home with a roll off roof, which worked out better than the Bat-Wing style, see here for details.

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